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Are you able to name all Mario Kart 8 tracks?

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Mushroom cupA simple track for the beginners
Mushroom cupWanna make a splash?
Mushroom cupDon't bite off more than you can chew!
Mushroom cupReminds me of the Rolling Stones and stuff...
Flower cupDouble sided 8?
Flower cupSan Francisco
Flower cup2 SPOOKY 4 ME!
Flower cupShy Guy slaves working in rythm
Star cupCan you sea the ocean? I can't
Star cupDisco fever!
Star cupLet's go Skiing!
Special cupClouds and airships
Special cupIt's a desert with bones... That's really about it
Special cupJust like any other Mario Kart
Special cupJust like any other Mario Kart
Shell cupMake a moooove on the greens here.
Shell cupPointless small anti-gravity segment
Shell cupBeach full of fish and crabs
Shell cupWhere is this highway going to?
Banana cupIt's dry... Really dry...
Banana cupNow I'm hungry
Banana cupWhat's so royal about it? The fancy castle?
Banana cupDankey Kang Cantry or something... Never played his games
Leaf cupFirst track in the Special cup in MKDS
Leaf cupFigure skating Shy Guys :D
Leaf cupsounds really nice
Leaf cupWild Yoshi sanctuary
Lightning cupIt's time to find out!
Lightning cupThe Piranha Plants will eat your face
Lightning cupIs it hot here or is it just me?
Lightning cupNew version of a well-known track
Yoshi Egg cupIn shape of a Yoshi (SO CUTE)
Yoshi Egg cupAre you excited?
Yoshi Egg cupChinese dragons
Yoshi Egg cupF-Zero stage 1
Triforce cupAll the gold is mine!
Triforce cupRainbows straight from the SNES
Triforce cupA really cool level (get it?)
Triforce cupLegend of Zelda track
Crossing cupSmall Course, 7 laps
Crossing cupMmmm! Cheese!
Crossing cupReminds me of Frontier Village of Xenoblade Chronicles...
Crossing cupRESETTI!!!
Bell cupIt's a whole neo city!
Bell cupIf my room looks like that... I'd be so flippin' happy
Bell cupUnderground Subway
Bell cupF-Zero stage 2

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