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Can you name the NFL Top 50 Choke Artists All-Time?

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Team/Position or RolePlayer/Coach/TeamDetails
San Diego Chargers- CoachPost Season Record of 5-13
Buffalo Bills- CoachLost 4 Super Bowls in a row
Buffalo Bills- QBLost 4 Super Bowls in a row
Philadelphia Eagles- QBGot tired in the Super Bowl
Miami Dolphins- QB0 Super Bowls in a 17 year career for this Hall of Famer
Minnesota Vikings- QB0-4 Super Bowl Record
Atlanta Falcons- Coach0-4 Super Bowl Record
San Diego Chargers- QBBiggest Bust in NFL Draft History
Buffalo Bills- KickerChoked on a 47 yard field goal against the Giants to lose the Super Bowl
Indianapolis Colts- KickerCould never hit a big field goal in the post-season
Philadelphia Eagles- CoachWinning Playoff Record with no Super Bowl
Dallas Cowboys- Tight EndDropped a sure touchdown from Roger Staubach in the Super Bowl
Indianapolis Colts- Quarterback9-10 playoff record and only 1 Super Bowl for the greatest regular season qb of all time
San Diego Chargers- Kicker53% on playoff field goals
Year and Team19-0? Try 18-1.
Indianapolis Colts- General ManagerFailed in Super Bowls with the Bills then the Colts
Year and TeamGreatest Choke on Turf
Tennessee Titans- Coach5-6 playoff record and a Super Bowl loss
New England Patriots- Wide Receiver12 catches in 4 Playoff games for the Pats
San Diego Chargers- CoachFollowing in the footsteps of prior coach in choking
Year and TeamLed 35-3 then blew it and lost 41-38.
Minnesota Vikings- KickerOnly missed kick all year was in the biggest moment NFC Championship
Buffalo Bills- Running BackDisappeared in all 4 Super Bowl losses
Oakland Raiders- QuarterbackThrew 5 interceptions in his only Super Bowl appearance
Minnesota Vikings- Quarterback3-6 all time in the postseason
Team/Position or RolePlayer/Coach/TeamDetails
Minnesota Vikings- QuarterbackGunslingin' his way to a loss in the 2010 NFC Championship when a 5 yard scramble would have sufficed
Tennessee Titans- QuarterbackLed his team 1 yard short in the Superbowl
San Diego Chargers- Running BackMediocre 3.6 yards a game in the playoffs
Jacksonville Jaguars- QuarterbackOnly 1 playoff appearance and lost embarrassingly to the Pats
Year and TeamOnly 3 losses the whole year all to the Titans
Dallas Cowboys- QuarterbackBotched snap against the Seahawks and a 59% passer rating in the playoffs
Pittsburgh Steelers- QuarterbackMediocre 2-2 playoff record for the supposed demi-god of football in the 90's
Philadelphia Eagles- QuarterbackElectrifying in the regular season yet quiet in the big games
Indianapolis Colts- CoachChoked versus the Saints then the Jets back to back years
San Diego Chargers- Quarterback79% passer ratings in playoffs while 98% passer rating in regular season
Indianapolis Colts- Coach1 Super Bowl with Peyton Manning?
Denver Broncos- CornerbackQuiet as a mouse come playoff time
San Diego Chargers- LinebackerThis linebacker has just 2 sacks in 5 playoff games... while juiced up
Philadelphia Eagles- Wide ReceiverThis wideout opened his mouth and proceeded to do nothing in the Super Bowl
Cleveland Browns- Running BackFamous for The Fumble
Seattle Seahawks- Quarterback'We want the ball and we're gonna score'
New England Patriots- Quarterback'We're only gonna score 17 points' actually Tom you scored 14
New York Jets- Coach2 NFC Championship appearences in a row and no Super Bowl yet
Dallas Cowboys- Coach1-5 Postseason Record
Detroit Lions- Running Back2.8 yards a carry in outdoor playoff games
New England Patriots- QuarterbackCould not win in the playoffs with all the talent in the world
Minnesota Vikings- Running Back2 fumbles and a botched handoff in the NFC Championship?
San Diego Chargers- Quarterback3-4 Playoff Record
New York Giants- QuarterbackCould not win the big one in the big apple
Atlanta Falcons- CoachCould not handle the NFL for even half a season

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