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Can you name the Call of Duty Ghosts Perks?

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Hidden from Enemy Thermal and Tracker Sights 
Undetected by Oracles, Air Support, and Sentries 
Kill Enemis Without Revealing Their Death Location 
Move Silently 
Undetectable on Minimap by SatCom or Radar Pings 
Increased Movement Speed 
Unlimited Sprint 
Faster Reload 
Faster Sprint Recovery 
Move Faster While Aiming 
Throw Equipment Farther, Reset Time on Crooked Grenades 
Reload While Sprinting 
Faster Weapon Swap and Use of Equipment 
Increased Hip Fire Accuracy 
Faster ADS 
Explosive Damage Paints the Target on the Minimap 
Resupply from Dead Enemies 
Detect Enemy Equipment 
Hear Enemy Footsteps Louder 
Use Enemy SatComs as Your Own (also stacks with friendly SatComs) 
Take No Fall Damage 
Faster Health Regeneration 
Reduced Flinch 
Increased Resistance to Tactical Grenades 
Increased Resistance to Explosives 
Additional Tactical Equipment 
Additional Lethal Equipment 
Begin the Game with the Maximum Amount of Ammo 
Have a 3rd Attachment 
Increased Explosive Damage 
Recieve a Random Perk 
1 Less Kill for Killstreaks and 2 Assists Counts as Kill 
When a player kills an enemy, the perk will 'ping' a radar circle on the minimap 
Carry an Extra Primary 
Increased Possibilty to do More Damage the more Kills you Earn 

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