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Who is Caitlyn's arch-nemesis?
What is the name of Swain's raven?
Who conducted the experiments that gave Twisted Fate his powers?
What is the vehicle that Corki pilots?
What is the name of the order that the three ninjas trained under?
Which of Luxanna's skills was she practicing in her League Judgement?
Who was Warwick's apprentice?
What instrument does Sona play?
What are the words inscribed above the double doors leading to a League Judgement?
Who is the commander of the Noxian expeditionary force.?
What was Tibbers before Annie turned it into her pet?
What is the name of Poppy's hammer?
Whose judgement was the quickest in League history?
What are Maokai's saplings?
Which champion gave first blood during the Noxus vs. Ionia match?

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