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QUIZ: Can you identify whether these names belong to U.S. Vice Presidents (V) or Charles Dickens characters (D)?

Quiz Updated Oct 5, 2015

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Veep (V) or Dickens (D)?AnswerCorresponding President or Literary Work
Jarvis Lorry
Elbridge Gerry
Hannibal Hamlin
Bill Sikes
James Steerforth
Schuyler Colfax
William Wheeler
Edward Murdstone
Adlai Stevenson
John Nance Garner
Allan Woodcourt
Alben Barkley
Spiro Agnew
Martin Chuzzlewit
Henry Witterly
Vincent Crummles
Hubert Humphrey
Arthur Havisham
Septimus Crisparkle
Daniel Tompkins

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