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Boys organize a paper route, overcoming obstacles to deliver their papers1997
Four in-line skaters enter a competition for bragging rights and the crown of best skate crew1998
Girl discovers that she is a witch, and visits an alternate reality where every day is Halloween1998
Space station girl gets punished and sent to earth, then returns and saves the day1999
An adolescent boy turns into a merman on his thirteenth birthday1999
Family wins contest and moves into an automated dwelling1999
Surfer moves to Vermont and takes up snowboarding...Skys and Urchins1999
Family of superheroes is disappointed when their youngest son doesn't get his powers2000
White South African girl visits a Black American family.2000
Golden Boy joins the misfit bowling team to win the city championship2000
Girl moves back to Hawaii and takes up surfing, and stops a hotel from banning surfers2000
Handicapped boy makes a soapbox and wins the National Soapbox Derby2000
A phantom terrorizes a movie theatre while a boy and his love interest try to discover who he is2000
A motocross driver gets injured, and his sister steps into his place2001
Girl teams up with megastar Protozoa to save her space station2001
Boy turns 13 and discovers he and his family are all leprechauns2001
Secret agent switches places with the actor who plays him on tv, and trouble ensues2001
Twin sisters dominate on the basketball court2002
Girl attends millitary school and joins the drill team2002
Misfit boy wishes his brother away and enjoys popularity, but realizes he prefers life the way it used to be2003
Family goes on a 'vacation' that turns out to be a reality tv show called Family Fake-Out2003
A female pop foursome try to become the first freshmen to win their high school's talent show2003
Jews play basketball. In their yamakas.2003
High school kids sing and dance2006
High school kids sing and dance...again.2007

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