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Can you name the scams of Leverage?

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Season 1
How the team got out of the Pearson building. 
Buying Life Insurance pennies on the dollar 
A variantion was used by Irina Laranco. 
How the team originally planned to get Judge Roy's money, these take a while 
Season 2
It takes five people to pull this off, two on the, badge a sheepdog, an ice queen and a bagman. 
Marcus Starke's favorite scam 
The team used this to win McRory's back for Cora 
Season 3
Parker suggests this method to get KayLyn's music back 
Once Parker realized Eliot was what was being sold for this scam she totally got it 
You can try to follow the queen but she's not really there 
Nate and his dad used this technique to get documents from a briefcase 

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