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Can you name the important facts about Eliot Spencer?

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He doesn't like this weapon.Various Episodes Throught The Series
The full name of his highschool sweetheart.The Two Horse Job
Eliot played in what high school sports team?The Reunion Job
What family member did he mention might like a them park called Bibletopia?The Miracle Job
Where did Eliot spend his time when the team had separated for six months.The Beantown Bailout Job
Doesn't own this common household elctronic.The Order 23 Job
Only sleeps __ minutes a day.The Top Hat Job
What shot in the arm by a sniper in which county?The Two Live Crew Job
Along with the abilty to sing well he can also play this instrument.The Studio Job
The worst things Eliot has done he did when he worked for______.The Big Bang Job

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