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WWE Questionare Game Present (2011) and
Who is the only WWE superstar to win his final match at WrestleMania and retire with the Championship?
Who is the only WWE Superstar to not only win the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and WWE Championship all in the same year?
Which WWE Superstar has announced that he will cash in his Money In The Bank Briefcase for the World Title at WrestleMania?
Who is the only female member of the original D-Generation X
Which WWE Hall of Famer came out the the theme song 'I am a real American, fight for the rights of every man'?
Who made their triumphant return to the WWE in 2011 to annouce that he will host WrestleMania?
Who has of October of 2011 has won the WWE Championship a record 10 times?
Which WWE Superstar enters the ring by running down the aisle and jumping from the ring floor over the top rope?
In 2011 which WWE Superstar won the WWE Title in a tournament match only to lose it that same night to John Cena?
Which WWE Superstar believes the there is a conspiracy theory in the WWE and hates the little Jimmy's?
Who is the only WWE Superstar to win the WWE Championship and hold the Intercontiental Championship at the same time? (Hint: WrestleMania was held outside the U.S.)
WWE Questionare Game Present (2011) and
This WWE Hall of Famer was known as 'The man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour!', who is he?
Who is the only WWE Superstar to lose in a singles bout match at WrestleMania and go on later in the night to win the WWE Championship?
Which WWE Superstar is considered the VOICE of the VOICELESS?
Who is the former leader of the original NEXUS?
Who was the first WWE Diva to not only hold the Women's Championship but the Diva Championship?
Which WWE Superstar made his debut by throwing Stone Cold through a steel cage in his match against Mr. McMahon?
Which WWE Hall of Famer successfully achieve his boyhood dream at WrestleMania 12?
Which WWE Superstar won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match at Extreme Rules only to lose it in a singles bout against Randy Orton?
Which WWE Tag Team originated the moves Poetry in Motion, Twist of Fate, and the Swanton Bomb?
Which WWE Diva uses the popular Sharpshooter as her finisher?
Which WWE Superstar after a 15 year tenure in WWE recently won (as of Oct. of 2011) his first World Title?
WWE Questionare Game Present (2011) and
Which WWE Superstar made a name for himself by Powerbombing Triple H at a Championship Contract Signing?
Which WWE Superstar made famous the flying elbow drop as his finisher?
Fans chanted at him 'beach bum' and fought in a famous steel cage bout in 1983, who is he?
Which WWE Superstar weighed in at about 589 lbs, and won the WWE Championship a record two times?
Which WWE Superstar uses the Skull Crushing Finale as his finisher?
Which former WWE Superstar was discovered to be the stalker of Undertakers then real life wife Sara?
Which former WWE Superstar uses codes and countdown's to chime in his return?
Which former WWE Superstar used the Samoan Spike as his finisher?
Which WWE Diva is romantically linked to the WWE Superstar who is known as the Friday Night Delight?
Which former WWE Diva has been officially coined 'the First Lady of Wrestling'?
Which WWE Legend is known as 'The Enforcer'?
WWE Questionare Game Present (2011) and
Which WWE Superstar debuted at Survivor Series with his then manager Brother Love?
A former Acoloyte this WWE Superstar went from being a in Ministry to building a Cabinet, who is he?
Which former WWE Superstar used a Buzzsaw to finish off his opponents?
Who is the only WWE Diva to come out on roller skates?
This WWE Diva could be considered hardcore, does not fear to fly, and even defeated the her bosses daughter to be Champion, who is she?
Considered the underdog in his first Undisputed Championship bout, he fought against the Next Big Thing and won with a Frog Splash from above, who is he?
This man was unconvientional, he didn't abide by the rules, he flipped off authority, and left them in stunned silence, who is he?
If you put up these fingers all but your thumb, you will hear the clammering of hooves, and the true diamonds of professional wrestling?
A former wrestler, commentator, commisioner, and WWE Hall of Famer, this man even has an area in the backstage named after him, who is he?
He is considered cold, unremorseful, when he gets into this place all he hears is voices telling him what to do, who is he?
This WWE Diva swears everyone wants her, managed three World Tag Team Champions, and was the most downloaded woman on AOL in the 90's, who is she?
WWE Questionare Game Present (2011) and
He is a kiss-stealing, wheeling, dealing, jet-flying, limousine-riding son-of-a-gun, and hasn't done too bad in professional Wrestling holding both the WWE and WCW Champion in tota
A Cerberal Assassin, this WWE Superstar has no problem bringing down the hammer on his opponents. who is he?
This WWE Superstar loves the flashes of light, the slow blowing wind, some call him the Prince of Parkour, who is he?
Not your typical snake this WWE Superstar brings more of a laugh to your face than pain from his bite, but at least he's held the Intercontinental Championship, Tag Titles, and has
This warrior came from a land where green is famous, and won the WWE Title within six months of debuting by pushing his opponent through a table. who is he?
Maybe this guy isn't a legite champion but the people on the internet think so and at most we know A-List Hollywood Actors don't mind helping him win a match, who is he?
Maybe if she we politer she wouldn't have to excuse herself everytime she makes her way out to the crowd but that doesn't affect her complex because she has named herself after a j
In what arena did WWE use the headling 'WHERE IT ALL BEGINS AGAIN' to mark their return their for WrestleMania?
This WWE Hall of Famer not only was the original giant but was in one of the most famous matches of his career in WM III, who is he?
This legendary WWE Superstar lost a lot of money to the orginial giant in a body slam challenge, who is he?
This legendary WWE manager always had an open Hawaiian shirt, outrageous facial hair and trademark rubber bands hanging from his cheek, who is he?

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