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I've been on-and-off with Finn, My number one goal is to win. No matter how hard I tried, Couldn't please Ms. July, But hey, at least I even got in.
I'm known as the kid who's gay, that's what Dave and Karofsky say. Caused me oh so much pain, that I went to join Blaine, but came back to McKinley one day.
Teaching arts can bring turmoil and strife, especially with a 'terri'ble wife. Made winners of New Directions, for nation, region and section, Those were the best days of my life
Been Artie and Mike's bread and butter, since 6th grade I've pretended to stutter. I am painfully shy, and get inclined to cry, my beautiful Asian eyes flutter
I'm the glee clubber who is black, I joined up and got on the right track. Busted windows out a car, then left Lima to be a star, went to LA and never looked back
I've been handicapped since I was eight, but still sing and dance pretty great. Thought it would be cool, to head off to film school, To give one more hint I am straight
I'm not gonna get up and sing, though in glee club that's just not my thing. I'm ND's greatest dancer, to help you find the answer, Near the end Tina gave me a ring
Head of the cheerleading squad, try to live by the word of God. Never thought you would see me audition for glee. Teen pregnancy ruined my bod.
Alongside Rachel I'm a Jew, Mess with me and I might end you. Almost flunked out of school, but who cares I'm too cool. Now I serve in the air force, who knew?
A Cheerio! just like Quinn, I stole the virginity from Finn. We were three seasons down, when I finally came out, I made Rachel and Kurt take me in
A little hint as to who I am, I've dated Artie, Santana and Sam. Artie once was so numb, that he told me I was dumb. I had sex with Santana on cam.
I'm popular and play football, Like my actor I was really quite tall. I said 'faggy' to Kurt, got in trouble with Burt, my death was the saddest of all
Will Schuester is enemy one, I pick on the glee club for fun. Take any chance to fart, on the performing arts, won't stop 'til the glee club is done
At Dalton I was in a group of, a club named for birds who sing like doves. Switched to the other side so that I could reside with Kurt Hummel my one true love
I joined the cast in season two, hope I made a good impression on you. Member of the Godsquad, not ashamed of my bod, dad's layoff made me feel blue
Introduced in the episode 'Wheels,' know how being disabled feels. Right hand man of coach Sue, I will say and do, anything to make her goals become real
School counselor who gives advice, the say that I'm crazy though nice. I was engaged to Ken, but he broke it off when, Will stepped in it and paid the price.

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