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Can you name the Harry Potter Name Chain #1?

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the boy who lived?
who ends up marrying?
whos oldest brother is?
who is attacked by?
who is what creature?
who is also a werewolf?
who teaches harry this spell?
which is used to repell?
who guard this wizarding prison?
which this man escapes from?
whos bestfriend is?
who is betrayed by?
who spends years as this?
whos owner was?
who ends up marrying?
who gets a 112% on this OWL exam?
which is taught by?
who teaches at this wizarding school?
who hosts this event?
which features this french school?
whos champion is?
whos headmaster is?
who has a cruch on this half giant?
who owns this three headed dog?
who is guarding the?
which is attempted to be stolen by this teacher?
who teaches this subject?
who teaches this subject harrys second year?
third year?
4th year?
5th year?
6th year?
who kills this man as a favor?
who sends harry on a misson to destroy seven of these?
which voldemort learns about from this professor?
who teaches this subject harrys 6th year?
which during his first class finds this mans book?(nickname)
who is really?
who is in love with?
whos muggle sister is?
whos husband is?
whos son is?
who is given a tail by?
whos wife is?
whos twin sons are?
who give harry this map?
which is created by?
if youve made it here im impressed! type neville to continue
who has a crush on this girl in The Deathly Hallows
whos father is?
who wears this sign around his neck to a wedding?
possesing all three of these would make you the master of what?
type lucius to continue
whos son is?
whos mother is?
whos deatheater sister is?
who is in love with?
who is killed by?

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