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Can you name the movies named after the ships that feature prominently in them?

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Keep their crewmate out of the hands of the Alliance and discover the secret behind 'Miranda'2005
Transport their passengers from Southampton, UK to New York City in state-of-the-art luxury1997
Return all of the cursed Aztec gold to its chest and lift the curse on its crew2003*
Torpedo and sink Allied freighters during WWII2000
Deliver mail and supplies through German East Africa during World War I1951
Go to Pepperland and defeat the Blue Meanies1968
Meet the 'Engineers' that appeared in ancient cave paintings all over the world and answer the question of where we came from2012
A World War II U.S. Navy destroyer minesweeper, it occasionally receives additional side missions like towing targets for gunnery practice1951*
Travel to Tahiti, pick up breadfruit plants, and transport them to the West Indies1935*
Shut down operation on an oil rig in the Gobi Desert1965/2004*
Destroy 'unstable planets' which might threaten future colonization1974
Capture Princess Vespa and use her as a bargaining chip to steal all the oxygen from her home planet1987
Test an experimental gravity drive which creates a black hole to make travel faster1997
Drain the ocean of water and take its salt to save the crew's home planet of Nil2008*
A Soviet submarine that is undetectable to radar, its assigned mission is ignored and instead heads to America to conduct missile drills1990*
Pick up livestock and deliver them down the river-- NOT to play music on them1928†
Transport their passengers from New York City to Athens in luxury over New Year's Eve weekend, 19721972*

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