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Can you name the missing word in each movie and name the movie that each resulting quote is from?

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Movie Quote A
Y Tu ____ Tambien 
The Postman ______ Rings Twice 
Because I ____ So 
____ is Beautiful 
How Green ___ My Valley 
Bend It ____ Beckham 
Requiem for _ Dream 
The ___trolls 
Beasts __ No Nation 
Charlie and the ________ Factory 
___ Can't Take it With ___ 
Tomorrow _____ Dies 
I ____ What You Did Last Summer 
____ About Bob? 
_____ Next 
I'm _____ Git You Sucka 
___ Hard 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote B
_________ Broncos 
10 Things I Hate About ___ 
____ Hardly Wait 
_____ Club 
What We Do __ The Shadows 
From ___ To Eternity 
Take ____ Waltz 
This __ 40 
___ Diving Bell and ___ Butterfly 
Lord of ___ 
A ____ With a View 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote C
___ Do You Know 
__ The Right Thing 
___ Only Live Twice 
Some ___ It Hot 
Ain't ____ Bodies Saints 
The _____ Dumpling Gang 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote D
__ Not There 
__ Good __ It Gets 
___ Max Beyond Thunderdome 
__ I Lay Dying 
From ____ 
Turner ___ Hooch 
__ Still Here 
The World is ___ Enough 
_____ My Way 
Coming __ America 
____ Shelter 
____ Is The End 
Alice Doesn't Live Here _______ 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote E
___ Anything 
_____, Dolly! 
Road __ Perdition 
Dude, Where's __ Car? 
______ Miss Sunshine 
Seeking A ______ For the End of the World 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote F
____ the Millers 
13 _____ on 30 
The Man Who Fell __ Earth 
We ____ To Talk About Kevin 
12 Years _ Slave 
South Park: ______, Longer, and Uncut 
Show ____ 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote G
The Last Picture ____ 
__ and Earl and the Dying Girl 
Guardians of __ Galaxy 
The Color of _____ 
Movie Title 

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