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Can you name the missing word in each movie and name the movie that each resulting quote is from?

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Movie Quote A
Big ___ Liar 
The Legend of _____en Master 
Hope ___ Glory 
Crazy ______ Love 
This __ Spinal Tap 
Dr. __ 
The ___ Back 
Ernest Goes __ Jail 
Everything Must __ 
A River Runs ______ It 
The ____ of Emile Zola 
___ of the Mask 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote B
_, Robot 
I __ Number Four 
The ___ Sleep 
___ a Wonderful Life 
In ___ Heat of the Night 
The Last _______ Show 
____ Darn Cat! 
You've ___ Mail 
_____ Soldiers 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote C
Exporting ___mond 
Ace Ventura: ____ Nature Calls 
I Want _______ to Eat Cheese With 
___ the Dust 
___ Again 
Catch Me __ You Can 
Before the Devil Knows _____ Dead 
_ Cinderella Story 
The ___s Must Be Crazy 
___ Can't Take it With ___ 
Never ___ Never Again 
___ Man 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote D
My Life __ a Dog 
A Bridge Too ___ 
____ to the Future 
__ You Like It 
_ Am Legend 
I ___ Do Bad All By Myself 
________ the Titans 
_ Love You Phillip Morris 
Everything You ______ Wanted To Know About Sex 
Malibu's Most ______ 
__ Catch a Thief 
__ Cool 
_ Bug's Life 
American ________ 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote E
_____ Which Way But Lose 
____ Bandits 
_ Scanner Darkly 
For Whom the ____ Tolls 
The Postman Always _____ Twice 
__ Education 
City of ______ 
As Good As It ____ 
___ Girl Friday 
The _____ of the Dove 
Movie Title 
Movie Quote F
____ Live 
What Dreams ___ Come 
Double ____ 
The Best Years Of ___ Lives 
The _____ of Others 
Anything ___ Love 
____ Shoot Horses, Don't They? 
_____ Let Me Go 
____ Me Home Tonight 
Flags of ___ Fathers 
Cry _______ 
Movie Title 

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