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HintMovieMoney lost/Year
This pirate movie starred Geena Davis and effectively killed the pirate movie genre until Pirates of the Caribbean$142mil/1995
The historic event this film is based on was also the basis for John Wayne's directorial debut$141.8mil/2004
This sci-fi comedy signalled a career turn for Eddie Murphy$141.1mil/2002
This adventure film starring Matthew McConaughey was supposed to be the first in a trilogy$140mil/2005
This animated film bankrupted Robert Zemeckis's motion capture studio, ImageMovers Digital$136mil/2011
This historical fiction was based on a novel by Michael Crichton$132mil/1999
The last film Warren Beatty has acted in and his third film with co-star Goldie Hawn$120mil/2001
The Wachowski brothers only post-Matrix directing credit. Based on the popular anime$110mil/2008
Michael Cimino's infamous follow-up to The Deer Hunter bankrupted United Artist$110mil/1980
Loosely inspired by a video game, this was the first computer-animated film to be rated PG-13$104mil/2001
This sci-film from 2000 starring James Spader shared more than a few similarities to the film Event Horizon$98mil/2000
John Travolta sci-fi movie based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard$96mil/2000
This historical drama about the Korean War starred Laurence Olivier as as Douglas MacArthur$95mil/1982
HintMovieMoney lost/Year
This adventure film is based on a novel by Clive Cussler and is NOT the sequel to a certain oscar-winning film from 1997 (despite what the title suggests)$90mil/1980
Kevin Costner's second post-apocalyptic movie to flop after Waterworld$87 mil/1997
The second movie about Mars released in 2000. This film starred Val Kilmer$86.9mil/2000
Henry Selick, the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, directed this partially stop-motion film starring Brendan Frasier$86.6mil/2001
Disney's sci-fi re-imagining of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novel$86mil/2002
This sci-fi film was based on Blade Runner and starred Kurt Russell$83.6mil/1998
Robert DeNiro co-starred in this live action adaptation of a 1960s cartoon$83.1mil/2000
The plot of this film was drastically re-written during filming to capitalize on the high-profile relationship of the film's stars, 'Bennifer'$81mil/2003
This film marked Arnold Schwarzenegger's last pre-governer role$80.7mil/2004
This high profile comedy flop starred Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman in their prime$80.4mil/1987
Jonatham Demme's follow-up to the award wining film Philadelphia, this movie starred Oprah Winfrey$79mil/1998
This action comedy starring Bruce Willis bankrupted TriStar$78mil/1991

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