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Can you name the US Senators of the 1970s?

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State/YearsSenatorPolitical Party
AL- 1970-79Democratic
AL- 1970-78Democratic
AL- 1978Democratic
AL- 1979Democratic
AL- 1978-79Democratic
AK- 1970-79Republican
AK- 1970-79Democratic
AZ- 1970-79Republican
AZ- 1970-77Republican
AZ- 1977-79Democratic
AR- 1970-77Democratic
AR- 1970-74Democratic
AR- 1975-79Democratic
AR- 1977-79Democratic
AR- 1979Democratic
CA- 1970-71Republican
CA- 1970-79Democratic
CA- 1971-77Democratic
CA- 1977-79Republican
CO- 1970-73Republican
CO- 1970-75Republican
CO- 1973-79Democratic
CO- 1975-79Democratic
CO- 1979Republican
CT- 1970-71Democratic
CT- 1970-79Democratic
CT- 1970-79Republican
DE- 1970Republican
DE- 1970-73Republican
DE- 1971-79Republican
DE- 1973-79Democratic
FL- 1970-71Democratic
FL- 1970-74Republican
FL- 1971-79Democratic
FL- 1975-79Democratic
GA- 1970-71Democratic
GA- 1970-79Democratic
GA- 1971-72Democratic
GA- 1972-79Democratic
HI- 1970-77Republican
HI- 1970-79Democratic
HI- 1977-79Democratic
ID- 1970-79Democratic
ID- 1970-73Republican
ID- 1973-79Republican
IL- 1970-79Republican
IL- 1970Republican
IL- 1970-79Democratic
IN- 1970-77Democratic
IN- 1970-79Democratic
IN- 1977-79Republican
IA- 1970-73Republican
IA- 1970-75Democratic
IA- 1973=79Democratic
IA- 1975-79Democratic
IA- 1979Republican
KS- 1970-78Republican
KS- 1970-79Republican
KS- 1978-79Republican
KY- 1970-73Republican
KY- 1970-74Republican
State/YearsSenatorPolitical Party
KY- 1973-79Democratic
KY- 1974-79Democratic
LA- 1970-72Democratic
LA- 1970-79Democratic
LA- 1972Democratic
LA- 1972-79Democratic
ME- 1970-73Republican
ME- 1970-79Democratic
ME- 1973-79Democratic
ME- 1979Republican
MD- 1970-71Democratic
MD- 1970-79Republican
MD- 1971-77Republican
MD- 1977-79Democratic
MA- 1970-79Democratic
MA- 1970-79Republican
MA- 1979Democratic
MI- 1970-76Democratic
MI- 1970-79Republican
MI- 1976-79Democratic
MI- 1979Democratic
MN- 1970-71Democratic
MN- 1970-76Democratic
MN- 1971-78Democratic
MN- 1978Democratic
MN- 1978-79Republican
MN- 1978-79Republican
MS- 1970-78Democratic
MS- 1970-79Democratic
MS- 1978-79Republican
MO- 1970=76Democratic
MO- 1970-79Democratic
MO- 1976-79Republican
MT- 1970-77Democratic
MT- 1970-78Democratic
MT- 1977-79Democratic
MT- 1978Democratic
MT- 1978-79Democratic
NE- 1970-76Republican
NE- 1975-79Republican
NE- 1976-79Democratic
NE- 1979Democratic
NV- 1970-74Democratic
NV- 1970-79Democratic
NV- 1974-79Republican
NH- 1970-74Republican
NH- 1970-79Democratic
NH- 1974-75Republican
NH- 1975Republican
NH- 1975-79Democratic
NH- 1979Republican
NJ- 1970-79Republican
NJ- 1970-79Democratic
NJ- 1979Democratic
NM- 1970-73Democratic
NM- 1970-77Democratic
NM- 1973-79Republican
NM- 1977-79Republican
NY- 1970-79Republican
NY- 1970-71Republican
State/YearsSenatorPolitical Party
NY- 1971-77Conservative
NY- 1977-79Democratic
NC- 1970-74Democratic
NC- 1970-73Democratic
NC- 1973-79Republican
NC- 1975-79Democratic
ND- 1970-79Republican
ND- 1970-79Democratic
OH- 1970-71Democratic
OH- 1970-74Republican
OH- 1971-76Republican
OH- 1974Democratic
OH- 1974-79Democratic
OH- 1976-79Democratic
OK- 1970-73Democratic
OK- 1970-79Republican
OK- 1973-79Republican
OK- 1979Democratic
OR- 1970-79Republican
OR- 1970-79Republican
PA- 1970-77Republican
PA- 1970-79Republican
PA- 1977-79Republican
RI- 1970-76Democratic
RI- 1970-79Democratic
RI- 1976-79Republican
SC- 1970-79Republican
SC- 1970-79Democratic
SD- 1970-73Republican
SD- 1970-79Democratic
SD- 1973-79Democratic
SD- 1979Republican
TN- 1970-71Democratic
TN- 1970-79Republican
TN- 1971-77Republican
TN- 1977-79Democratic
TX- 1970-71Democratic
TX- 1970-79Republican
TX- 1971-79Democratic
UT- 1970-74Republican
UT- 1970-77Democratic
UT- 1977-79Republican
UT- 1974-79Republican
VT- 1970-75Republican
VT- 1970-71Republican
VT- 1971-79Republican
VT- 1975-79Democratic
VA- 1970-79Democratic
VA- 1970-73Democratic
VA- 1973-79Republican
VA- 1979Republican
WA- 1970-79Democratic
WA- 1970-79Democratic
WV- 1970-79Democratic
WV- 1970-79Democratic
WI- 1970-79Democratic
WI- 1970-79Democratic
WY- 1970-77Democratic
WY- 1970-78Republican
WY- 1977-79Republican
WY- 1979Republican

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