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Plot SummaryMovie
Man loses friend, then defeats Communism in Russia.
Large blue man destroys New York.
Large blue man defeats humans.
Man loves money and hates his adopted son.
Man loves courtesan, courtesan dies.
Young man steals music from a 'woman'.
Girl's parents eat too much; a river saves them.
A man runs away; a river dooms him.
Vigilantes kill hero, then take his place.
Ship crash-lands, darkness falls, and people die.
Robot avoids killing people, saves humanity.
Robot kills someone, saves humanity.
Last man standing angers the locals.
Plot SummaryMovie
Man in airplane, aided by photographer, prevents apocalypse.
Man in airplane, aided by President, prevents apocalypse.
Homoerotic army kills other army slowly.
Eccentric man gives house away.
Man's family terrorized by disgruntled past acquaintance.
Everybody dies. (Hint: isn't Hamlet.)
Woman goes crazy midair.
Man tortures girl, destroys a clock.
Scientist aids basketball team.
Dead man's aspirations crash down around him.
Man saves Earth with love.
Man survives apocalypse, wants a snack.

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