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Can you name the Name the Lego Marvel Superheroes playable heroes

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Rick Jones
Hank Pym
Warren Worthington III
Henry McCoy
Simon Walters
Blackagar Boltagon
Nastalia Romanova
Eric Brooks
Steve Rogers
Brian Braddock
Piotr Rasputin
Scott Summers
Mathew Murdock
Wade Wilson
Stephen Strange
Arthur Douglas
Emma Frost
Sam Wilson
Remy LeBeau
Johnny Blaze
Alexander Summers
Clint Barton
Bruce Banner
Johnny Storm
Robert Drake
Susan Richards
Daniel Rand
Tony Stark
Marc Spector
Reed Richards
Carol Danvers
Sam Alexander
Jean Grey
Lorna Dane
Luke Cage
Charles Xavier
Elizabeth Braddock
Frank Castle
Pepper Potts
Jennifer Walters
Norrin Radd
Peter Parker
Jessica Drew
Doreen Green
Peter Quill
Ororo Munroe
Benjamin Grimm
James Falsworth
James Rhodes
Janet Dyne
James Howlett

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