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Portrayed by
Status (Dead or Alive)
Day 3: Chloe's position was
She found _____ in Jack's office
And told
Later on she brought a baby into CTU. The baby belonged to
She stopped a worm released in CTU by
Day 4: Chloe was secretly helping Jack (As always) and was fired by
But Erin's daughter____committed suicide
And Erin stepped down. __________ came in to replace her
And she brought Chloe back in because of (Hint: Computer)
At the end of the day she helped Michelle Dessler and
To fake the death of
Day 5: Chloe learned of the assassination of
And was called into CTU. ________ told her that Michelle Dessler had died in a car bombing
She noticed men watching her so she ran and later met up with
Who had _________ with him
Derek and Chloe ad Jack searched for evidence in ____________ apartment
Later when ____________ was released into CTU
Chloe sealed off several rooms not realizing that
Was still outside of the sealed off areas. His last word was
After the attack this service branch took over
With this woman as the head
They caught Chloe helping Jack Bauer and this woman
And so she was held by this man
But escaped, and went to work from this man's home
Later when trying to prove that this man was responsible
Jack placed a micro-chip on the presidents pen. Chloe set up a call with
And played part of a conversation between the President and
At the end of the day, Bill Buchanan gave Chloe a picture of her and

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