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Can you name the football teams from these cryptic clues?

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Forced Order
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Wild dogs
Cowboys have them
Professor on rollers
Dirty water
Organ in a small lake
Glass mansion
Push a weight
Males together
Steel city day
Always one hundred
Pensioners & buns
Not east bacon
Detectives need them
Famous football brothers
Vehicle surrounded by water
Opposite of dulloff
Cotton factories own barrier
Lock the door
Royal leisure area gardeners
Cows private land
Match against local rivals
Car in front of a Spanish house
Guns, lots of guns
First name of a famous jockey
Keep the fire burning
Where you send an enemy
Not north or south of a county
Bottom of a ship
Put underground
Ship workers haircuts
US President
Complete bacon joint
Larger than a duckpond
Latest fort
???? car??
Steel city together
One of the 3Rs
Where the wombles moved to
Opposite of north beginning
Mouldy meat
Robin Hood wood
Hollyoaks meadow
Calling all cars
ERIC and Ernie
Entrance to a harbour
What burglars do (S)
Prison clock (S)
Not the King of the north but the... (S)
That's not a knife (S)
All together 'That's not a knife' (S)
The trip of a Star Trek captain (S)
My mums feeling better (S)
Saint Helens (S)
Nitrogen 78.09% (S)
Bonnie's partner (S)
On top of Ustinov's neck is... (S)
The doctor I presume? (S)
Where Bonnie left her money (S)
Heavy Toilet (NL)
Where the wombles live (NL)
Male meadow (NL)
He had ten thousand men (NL)
Andy, Earl and Macy at a gym (NL)
Animal car together (NL)
How old is Mr Gerrard?? (NL)
Trouser press in a small city (NL)
Think leaves, bark and branches (NL)
Ali G's mucky trousers (NL)
No it is not an old harbour (NL)
The fastest horse in the west (NL)

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