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Can you name the things from your childhood that have been turned on their heads?

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Girls start out as superheroes before having sugar spice and everything nice taken out of them then they become normal little girls
Creatures make Wimbledon Common look a mess
Man gets changed out of a fancy dress costume before putting his normal suit on and going home
Man goes round all houses in a village steeling people's post
Man drives a big red truck setting places on fire
Five brothers return home in amazing vehicles after causing international disasters
Five friends give a creep a mask and then drive off in their van
Man takes buildings apart with talking vehicles
Alien causes carnage on Earth and other worlds before flying off in his blue box
Vital knowledge of two letters and a number is taken off children by a group of puppets
One of ten aliens causes disruption to Earth before turning into a small boy and driving off with his grandad
Small mice like creatures living in space feed soup to a dragon
A millionaire duck and his nephews try to give a host of criminals numerous amounts of money
Some rodents go on a crime spree before going back home in their flying machine to their treehouse
A pensioner steels a medal from a child and then takes away their childhood dream before sending their letter back to them
A bus takes away different children's characters depending on what day of the week it is
World record holders have their records taken off them
A dangerous kangaroo causes harm and panic in a local wildlife park
Family made from kitchen utensils travel from a moon to their house
Presenters appeal for money from charities then turning it into old tat to send to children

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