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Killed by Apophis during Negotiations
Tokra Spy, Killed by Teal'c
Teal'cs Father was First Prime to...
Took Sactuary at the SGC
Gou'ald of Vala Maldoran
Partially Ascended Being
Argued Klorels Place at Triad
Comands Natu under Sokar
Tried to Overthrow Ba'al
Led Rebel Jaffa to gain Power
Many Puns Are Used
Mother of Shifu and Apophis' Queen
Tries to Create an Advanced Human
Took Skaara as Host
Impersonator of the Devil
Led a Cult on Earth for 500 years
Enemy from Series 1-5
Took Daniels Friend Sarah as a Host
Makes Many Clones of Himself
Queen of Ra

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