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What is all around you?
Impossible to break
Founder of Minecraft
Company that owns Minecraft
Ssssssssss... BOOM!!!
Used to tame wolves
Only mob that holds a bow
Most common mob in the Nether
Rarest ore
Strongest type of armor
What can you ride on with a saddle?
Comes in many colors
What do you use to get a leaf block?
Used for killing things
What you watch out for while mining deep
You probably don't want to fight this
One of the biggest Minecraft events
Get it from cows and use it for cake
What color is a bed?
Who supposedly haunts mineshafts?
What is the name of the default character skin?
What drops from a creeper when killed?
What block do you need for a nether portal?
What do you need to get obsidian?
What is Jeb's Minecraft username?
What material is used to craft a furnace?
What is the name of the newest disc?
What block is most commonly found on the surface?
What are pants really called in Minecraft?
What mob climbs walls?
What do you put your items in?
What is the only mob under water?
What does the under water mob drop?
What is the smallest mob that is harmless?
What is the smallest mob that is harmful?
What mob is made out of iron blocks and pumpkin?
What is the website URL for Minecraft?
What is huge and looks like a zombie?
What block do you use for commands?
What flys and chucks fire balls?
What else flys and chucks fire balls?
What tamable animal is found in jungles?
What is the max build height?
The most common mob in superflat
How many slots are in the full inventory?
What block is used to make glass?
What protects you from fall damage?
What button do you press to get coordinates?

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