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Can you name on what they said in the song?

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I’m very very good, very very good I’m very very goodBlock B
Like Satellites And Shootings StarsShinhwa
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata2NE1
Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another waySNSD
I’m In Shock E-Electric Shockf(x)
Baby I’’m sorry, We got the betterB1A4
My brain is slowEXO-K
I’’m falling falling for your loveAPink
She She was Smoky girlMBLAQ
Can’t stop me now Can’t stop me nowCNBLUE
The Loof is on fireB.A.P
Listen Enjoy the MayoEXO-M
Give it to me Give it to me oh Come to me Come to me ohMiss A
That that that girlSuper Junior
BTOB back again BTOB change the game BTOB get your swagBTOB
I’ll make you make you happySS501
You know what? What I wanna doZE:A
Should I go Should I stay Nobody Knows VIXX
YeaI`m dizzy on the bottle, Walking jack sparrowC-Clown
I love you baby I’m not a monsterBIG BANG
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing in the moonlightB1A4
Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got meEXO
Catch Me now~TVXQ/DBSK
SHINee’s Back Back Back Back BackSHINee
Say what you want Say what you wantBTS/BangTan Boys
You zoom zoom heart like a rocket Ho!B1A4
My Angel & My Girl My Sunshine Uh Uh Let’s goSNSD
Check it one two threeCNBLUE
My-My-My girlZE:A
Yo, okayEXO
They love me cuz im hot2NE1
Yeah! It Must Be Burningf(x)
We going to the top forever We going take it to the next levelBlock B
This is for all the independent ladies Let’s goMiss A
For my loveAPink
Baby don’t leave me I know you still love meBig Bang
Groove it! Groove it! Groove it! Groove it!BTOB
You need meSS501
We’re just Dancing in the RainB.A.P
Just can’t control Just can’t controlVIXX
Yo come on!Crayon Pop
Everybody hates meEpik High
You light up Light upShinhwa
I’m always all alone2NE1
Give me XOXO L.O.V.E ,You’’re my XOXO L.O.V.EEXO-K
I need help, I need somebody right nowDalamtian
We back againA-JAX
Join the video game, Video gameBoy's Republic
To the SKYBTS/BangTan Boys
So get in, get inSHINee
Ah ah ah ah~BIG BANG
We do it, do it, do it nowBlock B
Bringin’ it to you daily It’s only from the bestAfter School
Oh~ Oh~ Ooh~EXO
Move the crowd actionB.A.P
Because You Naughty, NaughtySuper Junior
Dear boy I’ fell in love on a snowy dayAPink
So coolSHINee
Crazy crazy crazy love Listen listen crazy loveSecret
Baby love me just like thatZE:A
YoyoyoyoyoCrayon Pop

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