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First wife?
Voiced which one-off character in the Simpsons?
Reportedly the first radio operator to pick up whose death?
Honorably discharged from the USAF at what rank?
The name of his brother who was killed at age 15?
Is credited for 'converting' whom to Christianity?
The name of his brother who sung 'Six White Horses'?
The name of the Sheriff in the jail situation which Cash credited for saving his life?
Closest (relationship-wise) with which US President?
The song written and recorded in an attempt to get dropped from his record label?
His biggest fears were snakes and what?
In an interview with Larry King, said his favourite country artist was whom?
Roughly how many months were between his and June Carter's death?
'I wear it for the poor and the beaten down' are lyrics from which of his songs?
The 10 billionth iTunes song downloaded was which Johnny Cash song?
Treated for pneumonia in which year?
In June 1965, Cash burnt down many acres of land that held which endangered species?
His first child, born in 1955, is whom?
Sang 'Man in Black' with which band in 1991?
Played character Johnny Cabot in which 1961 film?

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