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The lead vocalist
Real name of the above
Birth country of the above
The guitarist
Guitarist's docorate is in this
The bass guitarist
The drummer
Debut album (July 13, 1973)
Second album (March 8, 1974)
Third album (November 8, 1974)
Fourth album (November 21, 1975)
#1 single from above album
Fifth album (December 10, 1976)
Sixth album (October 28, 1977)
Stadium rock song from above album
Seventh album (November 10, 1978)
Eighth album (June 30, 1980)
Ninth album (May 21, 1982)
Hit single duet with David Bowie from the above album
Tenth album (February 27, 1984)
Eleventh album (June 2, 1986)
Movie which above album was the unofficial soundtrack to
Twelfth album (May 22, 1989)
Thirteenth album (February 5, 1991)
Lead singer died in 1991 after a battle with this disease
Fourteenth and final album (November 6, 1995)
Final Queen song
Actor confirmed to be portraying lead singer in biopic

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