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Can you name the rewsna sdrawkcab?

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(trats ysae na) 001 x 001
tebahpla eht fo rettel thruof, tebahpla eht fo rettel htnin
sdrawkcab 'rewnsa eht'
snaidar ip2 detator 'OIHO'
esoculg fo alumrof lacimehc
tsehgih ot tsewol - sgnirts ratiug
(mret lareneg) sdrawrof sa srdawkcab emas
(srdawkcab niotseuq siht rewsna) 31 rebmun eht fo raef
eonac rof drow - 7 eulc
(seton retfa slatnedicca) gnidnecsa elacs rojam E

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