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Can you guess the Harry Potter Character. SPOILERS

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HintNameStatus At The end
The Main CharacterAlive
The nerdy teacher's petAlive
Harry Potter's best friendAlive
The weird ravenclaw ranting about random creatures introduced in The Order Of The PheonixAlive
The mischievous twin that dies (Spoilers)Dead
The Mischievous twin that doesn't dieDead
The Headmaster of Howarts After Dumbledore dies (Spoilers again)Dead
The Awkward kid who kills the villain's snakeAlive
The villain's snakeDead
The Main VillainDead
The item That sorts the students into their housesAlive
Edward Cullen Dead
Harry Potters slytherin enemy in hogwartsAlive
The Father Of Luna LovegoodAlive
The Weasley sisterAlive
HintNameStatus At The end
The Half Blood PrinceDead
Voldemorts most loyal Female Death-eaterDead
Harry's UncleDead
Harry's MotherDead
Harry's FatherDead
The Professor that takes over the school from the ministryAlive
The professor that owns the Slug ClubAlive
The House Elf that Harry FreesDead
Draco malfoy's FatherAlive
Draco Malfoy's MotherAlive
The Professor that teaches herbologyAlive
The guy who told harry he was a wizardAlive
The ravenclaw that harry Kissed in his 5th yearAlive
The Professor that turned Draco into a ferretDead
Harry's Godfather :(Dead

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