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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with O

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Jan ... , last name of the Dutch astrophysicist which the cloud of icy planetesimals far out in the solar system is named after
Name of the outermost satellite of Uranus
The main lens or mirror of a telescope, which brings light to a focus
The passage of one astronomical body in front of another,
The path of a body around another in space, for example, the Earth around the Sun
The largest volcano in the solar system
Constellation representing a great hunter in Greek mythology, notable stars in it include Betelgeuse and Rigel
The property of a medium which determines how it absorbs or scatters electromagnetic radiation
The line passing through an optical system, around which all image-forming properties are symmetrical
A measure of how far light will travel through a partially transparent medium
A working model of the Solar System which represents mechanically the movements of the planets
The contradiction between an infinite, static universe filled with galaxies and the fact it is dark at night
The brightest globular cluster in the sky, it is in the constellation of Centaurus
Two stars that happen to lie close to the same line of sight, and thus appear near each other on the sky

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