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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with N

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A cloud of gas and dust in space. The term was originally applied to any object with a fuzzy telescopic appearance
The point on the celestial sphere directly beneath an observer, i.e 180 degrees from the zenith
The eighth planet from the Sun
The phase of the Moon when none of its illuminated side is visible from the Earth
A telescope in which light is collected by a primary mirror and then reflected by a secondary mirror within the tube to a focal point at the side of the tube
A constellation of the southern sky, representing a surveyor's level
Common name for the aurora borealis
Common name for the star polaris
The process of creating elements by nuclear reactions, e.g. in stars or the early universe
The eye used without any optical aid other than normal spectacles or contact lenses
Any asteroid belonging to the Apollo, Amor, or Aten groups. (these groups are situated close to Earth)
An extremely small, superdense object believed to be formed when a massive star undergoes a Type II supernova explosion

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