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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with L

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Constellation whose name is from the latin for weighing scales, it lies between Virgo and Scorpius in the sky
The passage of the Moon through the Earth's shadow, resulting in a darkening
The larger of the two irregular galaxies which accompany our own Galaxy
Surname of the American astronomer who discovered the period-luminosity relation for Cephied variable stars
The intrusion of unwanted light, to the detriment of astronomical observations
The distance traveled by light in one year
The outer rigid shell of a planetary body, including the crust and part of the upper mantle.
Surname of the Belgian cosmologist who argued that quantum mechanics supported an origin in the explosion of a 'cosmic egg' with all matter and energy concentrated in it
The group of galaxies about 3 million l.y. in diameter which contains our Galaxy
The name given to a series of Moon probes launched by the former Soviet Union

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