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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with J

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The largest planet in the solar system
The minimum size of a cloud of gas, of given temperature and density, which is capable of collapsing under its own gravity
Name of the observatory near Manchester that is home of The Lovell telescope
Unit of flux density, equal to 10^-26 Watts per metre squared per Hertz
Any of the four large planets in the solar system, also known as a gas giant
A narrow, bright feature associated with several types of astronomical object, for example they emerge from the core of some active galaxies
Open cluster in the constellation Crux, one of the youngest known open clusters with an estimated age of 14 million years
The sixth-closest satellite of Uranus
A NASA establishment near Houston, Texas, founded in 1961 to design and develop manned spacecraft, to select and train astronauts, and to conduct their missions
Inner satellite of Saturn, named after the roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways,passages, and endings

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