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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with I

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The innermost of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter
A depression caused by the high-speed collision of a meteoroid, asteroid, or comet with a solid surface
The third-largest satellite of Saturn, Its leading hemisphere is far darker than its trailing hemisphere
A measure of the radiant power passing through unit area into unit solid angle in unit interval of frequency or wavelength
An ancient impact basin on the Moon about 1300 km across, it is the result of the largest impact on the Moon
A joint venture by NASA, Russia, ESA, Canada, and Japan to build a space station in orbit around the Earth
Name given to the areas of space between the stars
The collective term for the various layers of ionized particles and electrons found at altitudes of 80–250 km in the atmosphere
A type of galaxy with ill-defined structure; Hubble type Irr or Ir
The stream of interstellar gas and dust that appears to be moving past the Solar System because of the motion of the Sun around the Galaxy

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