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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with F

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Physicist known for his discovery of dark absorption lines in the solar spectrum, Joseph von ....
The distance between a lens or mirror and its focal point
Constellation in the southern sky, whose name means 'furnace' in latin
The full angular extent of an image, It may refer to the actual dimensions of the sky being viewed
A measure of energy or number of particles passing through a given area of surface in unit time, usually per second
A long 'tongue' of relatively cool material suspended in the much hotter solar corona
The phase of the waxing Moon that occurs midway between new and full Moon, when half of the Moon is illuminated
A sudden release of energy in the Solar corona
The phase of the Moon when it is fully illuminated as seen from the Earth and lies opposite the Sun in the sky
The process in which two atomic nuclei join together to form a larger single nucleus

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