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Can you name the astronomical terms which all begin with D

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Matter which cannot be seen but can be detected due to its gravitational effects
The angular distance of an object in the sky from the celestial equator
The smaller moon of Mars
A probabilistic argument used to arrive at an estimate of the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way
When a partially molten body has been divided into two or more fractions of dissimilar compositions
The moon of the dwarf planet Eris
The apparent change in wavelength of sound or light emitted by an object due to its motion relative to the observer
Moon of Saturn named after a Titaness in Greek mythology
Small clumps, on the order of a fraction of a micron across, irregularly shaped, and composed of carbon and/or silicates
Two asteroids that revolve around each other and are held together by the gravity between them

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