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A) You automatically have this technology researched at turn one
B) Unique ability that allows units to fight at full strength even when damaged
C) Unique unit for Byzantium (G&K), replaces the horseman
D) Unique ability of the Celts
E) Civilization led by Haile Selassie
F) Renaissance naval unit, upgrade from the Galleas, requires iron
G) Building unlocked by researching pottery (main game)
H) Unique Greek unit, replaces the spearman
I) Civilization whose unique ability is 'The Great Warpath'
J) Unique Ottoman unit replacing the musketman
K) This Civilisation has a unique unit called the Hwach'a (DLC)
L) Any group of Water tiles completely surrounded by land, but not larger than 3 - 4 tiles.
M) Achievement unlocked by adopting every policy in the Tradition policy track
N) Leader of the Babylonian civilization
O) National wonder university unlocked by researching education
P) Brazillian unique unit, replaces infantry
Q) Unique Carthaginian ship, replaces the trireme
R) The Barrage series of unit promotions increases combat effectiveness against units in this type of terrain
S) Other building unlocked by researching pottery (from G&K expansion)
T) Technology that enables the building of th CN tower world wonder
U) Wonder from BNW expansion, requires aesthetics (in real life it is located in Florence)
V) Civilization which replaces settlers with a special great person
W) International project, 1st place increases culture by 100% for 20 turns
X) Information era unit, can paradrop up to 40 hexes away
Y) Cultured city state, in reality it is the capital of Armenia
Z) Building from BNW expansion, provides +2 happiness

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