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Can you name these songs that you probably wouldn't want to hear in hospital?

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0:00-0:07 (hope the doctor doesnt tell you this)
0:08-0:13 (or this)
0:14-0:20 (sadly true)
0:21-0:26 (for when you wonder how long you have left to live)
0:27-0:37 (this wont help you get better)
0:38-0:36 (well if there is I might not mind going so much)
0:47-0:55 (not a good thing to have)
0:56-1:01 (neither is this)
1:02-1:08 (an obvious choice)
1:09-1:18 (song for the burns unit)
1:19-1:28 (for the labour ward)
1:29-1:37 (a worrying thing to hear in the proctology ward
1:38-1:46 (rather depressing advice)
1:47-1:54 (another obvious choice)
1:55-2:05 (finishing with a reminder of where you are likely to be going soon)

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