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QUIZ: Can you fill in the answers to these facts about science that occurred in 2016

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Scientists at the LIGO, Virgo and GEO600 announce the first direct detection of this phenomena predicted by Einstein (feb 11)
Paleontologists report the discovery of a pregnant fossil of this dinosaur (mar 17)
This Japanese satellite loses contact with earth and breaks up (mar 26)
This company successfully lands the first stage of its rocket on a drone ship for the first time (apr 8)
Name of 4th largest satellite galaxy of the milky way, discovered by scientists (apr 13)
100th anniversary of the birth of this scientist, famous for his work on DNA (jun 8)
First death caused by this type of machine is disclosed (jun 30)
Nasa announce the arrival of this spacecraft on the planet Jupiter (jul 4)
China completes the construction of the world's largest example of this piece of scientific equipment (jul 5)
U.S. and Indian scientists report that packaging infused with this material is a million times better at blocking moisture than typical plastic (jul 13)
This animal was announced to be the longest lived vertebrate (aug 11)
Name of Nobel prize winner who helped develop a method to track cancer cells who died (aug 24)
A study by the Earth Institute at Columbia University finds that these have doubled in area over the last 30 years (oct 10)
ALPHA experiment at CERN observes the light spectrum of this for the first time (dec 19)
Name of the astronomer who worked to find evidence of dark matter who died (dec 25)

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