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The new playable race in Halo 2
The final level in Halo 3
The first vehicle you drive in the series
Covenant weapon beginning with 'C'
Who said 'Send me out with a bang'
The Forerunner name for the first Halo
The ship cut in half at the end of halo 3
The 5th member of Noble Team
The name of Tartarus' hammer
Home planet of John-117
Who said '...this ring will make us brothers'
The real name for the Grunt
Master Chiefs real name
What species was Lepidus
How many years til human AI deteriorate
A Covenant vehicle only featured in Halo 2
The Prophet homeworld
The only level begging with 'K'
The first skull in Halo 3
Secret weapon on Metropolis
Dr Halsey's first name
The final word spoken in Halo 2
Species that created The Flood
The first level to feature The Flood
Monitor of Installation 05
Battle Rifle shoots in bursts of
Skull that promotes enemy ranks
The only multiplayer map beginning with 'N'
The weapon used to kill Guilty Spark
Only map with Elephants featured

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