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What vehicle does Richard steal from the hospital?The Fugitive
Where does the riot occur?The Running Man
Where did Bobby want the waitress to hold the chicken?Five Easy Pieces
What is the name of Brucie's bird?The Longest Yard
What was the first food item that hit Dave?The Weather Man
What type of dog does Danny have?12 Rounds
What park did the guys go to for Eugene's bachelor party?I Love You, Man
What was the name of the band?Under Siege
What year was the Honda?Employee of the Month
What did the bus driver throw out the window?Billy Madison
What is the name of the workout instructor?Bridesmaids
What drink did Milton not recieve?Office Space
What type of steak does Clyde want?Law Abiding Citizen
Why does John say that the hospital is closed?John Q
What song is heard on Nick's CD player?Are We There Yet?
What did Brick use to kill a man?Anchorman
What brand of malt liquor does Brad get at the store?Malibu's Most Wanted
What does John have for a pet?Kindergarten Cop
What did Conan eat in the forest with his father?Conan the Barbarian
According to Mama Boucher, who is the devil?The Waterboy
What is the name of the animated cat?Last Action Hero
What does Crazy Eyes think the anchorman is?Mr. Deeds
What brand of gas is sold at the truckstop?Breakdown
Who did Jacobson bring to the dinner?Dinner for Schmucks
Where is the muscular man at the water park from?Grown Ups

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