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What restaurant does Paul blow up?Paul Blart: Mall Cop
What city is shown toward the beginning of the movie?The Marine
What was the name of the security guard who left the desk?Terminator 2
What episode of the Simpsons is Sy watching?One Hour Photo
What did Travis have on his pie?Taxi Driver
According to Raymond, what airline never crashed?Rain Man
What was part of the fruit salad recipe?Under Siege 2
What was the name of the man mentioned in the letter?Presumed Innocent
What did the thief steal before getting on the subway?Knowing
What year was Edward Barnes born?Death at a Funeral
What convenience store did the Terminator steal from?Terminator 3
What business was Noah in before arcades?Wayne's World
What was the cashier at the gas station studying?Robocop
What was the name of old man at the doctor's office? The Hangover
What was the name of the robotic taxi?Total Recall
What did Mike offer the techie in exchange for his work?Bad Boys II
What fast food restaurant does Allen mention?The Hangover Part II
What fish put the town on the map?Are We Done Yet?
What type of steak did the gangster threaten to turn the cow into?Analyze This
What basketball player does Gordon's son imitate?Collateral Damage
What snack food does Connie bring to work?Unstoppable
What vehicle do the FBI agents drive?Torque
What is the name of the police psychologist?The Terminator
What type of dog rode in the truck with Cledus?Smokey and the Bandit
What team is on the jersey that Happy wears?Happy Gilmore

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