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MistakeMovieExplanation and Year
As police chase a man who broke into a Hawaii convenience store, a Rite Aid is shown in the background.There are no Rite Aids in Hawaii (2012)
A high school student's eBay username is displayed as 'LadiesMan217'.Usernames on eBay are displayed in lowercase (2007)
As a Detroit cop directs traffic, a Pizza Pizza restaurant is shown in the background.Pizza Pizza only has locations in Canada (2001)
During a bar fight a bottle of Jack Daniels is spilled and it ignites.It can't ignite as it is under 50% alcohol (1981)
During a flashback to a 1980's talent show, a student dances to Ice Ice Baby.That song was released in 1990 (2008)
After undergoing chemotherapy, a man still has his eyebrows.Chemotherapy causes all hair to fall out (2012)
In the 1770's, a house has Venetian blinds.Venetian blinds were invented in the late 1800's (2000)
In 1985, a stockbroker mentions the Challenger explosion.It happened in 1986 (1987)
A criminal obtains ammunition and working firearms from a museum.Firearms displayed in a museum are decommissioned (1993)
People are shown having drinks at a bar in Jackson, Kentucky.Breathitt County is dry (1997)

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