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MistakeMovieExplanation and Year
Tolls are collected as people evacuate San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge.Tolls are collected when entering San Francisco (2009)
A trucker picks up a load of Coors in Texarkana, Texas.Bowie County is a dry county (1977)
In 2001, bottles of Bud Light are shown with clear plastic labels.These labels were introduced in 2004 (2006)
ROTC cadets conduct physical training in full dress uniforms.They would wear combat dress uniforms or athletic wear (1978)
A woman says that phenobarbitone is used to chemically neuter dogs.It is used to control epilepsy (2003)
In the early 80's, a suitcase of ransom money is full of $100 bills with large heads.Those bills were released into circulation in 1996 (2011)
The Yellowstone Caldera erupts as a single explosion.Caldera eruptions occur as a series of eruptions (2009)
A kid uses a pneumatic nail gun to shoot nails at a ceiling.The tip has to be pushed into the surface that is being nailed (2007)
A Harrier's guns fire while it is hovering.It needs to be moving at 200 knots or faster (1994)
After spending $5.16 of his $62, a basketball player's girlfriend says that they have $58.84 left.They only have $56.84 left (1992)

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