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MistakeMovieExplanation and Year
A Los Angeles gun shop has a semiautomatic Uzi on display.Banned in California and criminals would keep them hidden (1984)
For his first term, a Congressman buys a large house and moves his family to northern Virginia. They have to maintain residency in their home state (2007)
While on a road trip, a man is able to watch 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'The People's Court' at the same time each day.These are syndicated shows, which air at different times in different markets (1988)
A hotel's caretaker orders bourbon and is served Jack Daniel's.While all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon (1980).
The should patch on a Minnesota police officer's coat reads Twin Cities Police Department.Minneapolis and Saint Paul have separate police departments (1996)
While posing as a French investigator, a former spy mentions a satellite's distance in miles.Not using metric units would raise suspicions (2008)
Several men travel from Bangkok to Krabi in a couple of hours via speedboat.The 1,500 mile journey would take at least 48 hours provided there was extra fuel on board (2011)
An oven in a Navy ship's galley has propane burners.High risk of explosion (1992)
US Marshals fire at a man as he leaves a building.They do not have the authority to shoot someone who is not a threat to them (1993)
A prisoner is executed in a Philadelphia prison.Executions in Pennsylvania are done at Rockview (2009)

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