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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode Yard She Blows?

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What year did this episode come out?
What is Hank's alternative to drugs?
What was the first ingredient Peggy used to replace Hank's sports drink?
What was second first ingredient Peggy used to replace Hank's sports drink?
What was the name Peggy gave it?
What is the first thing Hank puts on his lawn every three week?
What is the second thing Hank puts on his lawn every three week?
What is the doorknocker made of?
What does the doorknocker match?
'Just look at these drapes and tell me they're not ____ ______.'
Who was shot on the day Peggy bought the drapes?
'What was I thinking? Dragging those people off the street. They probably thought I was ____.'
What room did Hank suggest Peggy repaint?
What color did Hank say Peggy could pick any shade of?
What was Joseph riding?
What game did Joseph win?
Where did he ride after Hank mentioned that it wasn't street legal?
What did Boomhauer mention when he see all the flowers in the car?
'Gee Hank, if your wife wants to screw something up why can't she just stick to _____?'
Who no longer has the worst yard in Arlen?
Peggy's Travelling Circus of _____
What did Boomhauer compare Peggy's gardening skills to?
What was the first plant that Boomhauer mentioned?
What was the second plant that Boomhauer mentioned?
What was the first third that Boomhauer mentioned?
What did Joseph crash into?
Where did Peggy and Luanne go to buy more flowers?
What plant 'can withstand overwatering, inadequate fertilization, and perhaps some overzealous pruning?'
How much was the employee making?
What color was his vest?
What flowers did they end up getting?
Where did the stop on the way back?
What was Luanne looking for?
What did Peggy buy?
Where did it come from?
What is Winklebottom?
What did Hank think Winklebottom was?
What term did Peggy use?
What did Bobby want to call Winklebottom?
What was Peggy using to clean Winklebottom?
What did she want to remove?
Where did she want to remove it from?
'So is that a ceramic gnome or did Peggy kill a ____ gnome and take it to a taxidermist?'
'Hank _____ the gnome.'
Who did Hank not want to see the gnome?
Who described the house as 'The one with the gnome out front?'
What did Sally's shirt say?
What year is Winklebottom?
What direction was Winklebottom facing?
What direction should Winklebottom be facing?
What is Winklebottom better able to find when facing that direction?
What does Winklebottom use that to make?
When are garden gnomes lively?
What did Bobby suggest leaving out for Winklebottom?
What does Winklebottom eat?
What else does Winklebottom eat?
What does Winklebottom drink?
What was Bobby playing?
Where would he like to join Winklebottom for tea?
Why Bobby jump?
What part did Bobby knock off when he hit Winklebottom?
What was Hank going to use to fix Winklebottom?
What does Hank wrap Winklebottom in?
'Okay, we're gonna dump him in one of these cans. And if he doesn't fit just whack him a few times with this ____ ____________.'
Where did Hank bury Winklebottom?
What did Hank and Bobby use an alibi?
How many minutes were they there?
How did Hank do?
How did Bobby do?
What did they eat afterwards?
Who did Hank blame it on?
Who does Sally call?
What street is the course located on?
What hole is a doozy?
'_________ are always stealing these things and doing God knows what to them.'
'Fancy ridin' ___!'
What does Peggy use to pick up dog poop?
'Peggy. I've got something difficult to tell you. _______ didn't take your gnome. It was me'
What sandwich does Hank bring Bobby?
What dessert did Hank put in his sock?
What highway is the German tourist town off of?
What is the name of that town?
What does it have?
What else does it have?
What does Hank say he will bring back for Bobby?
What is the name of the gnome store?
'A Winklebottom? Why don't you just ask me to move a _______?'
The flag raising at what battle was recreated with gnomes?
What discount was the merchant offering?
What was the name of the gnome that Hank wanted?
'Hey hey. Let's leave the fighting to the ______.'
Why was Blanche's credit card declined?
How did Hank pay for the gnome?
What did Blanche's shirt say?
Where do they put the new gnome?

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