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Can you name the details about the King of the Hill episode Yankee Hankee?

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What year did this episode come out?
Who has native Texas license plates?
What are the numbers and letters on his license plate?
What state is Bill from?
What term does Dale use to describe that state?
What are Bill's license plates usually covered with?
'Just duck down whenever I pass another ____ Texan.'
What document is Hank trying to find?
Who does he call to try to get that document?
Hank thinks people from what state would try to get native Texas license plates?
'Look, this isn't a ______ call.'
What is the name of the place where Cotton lives?
What did Hank bring as a housewarming gift?
Who made that gift?
What does it mostly consist of?
'Is that a kiwi in there? You know how I feel about _____ fruits.'
What city did Cotton used to live in?
What county is that city located in?
What does Cotton have a lot of?
How many years has it been since Hank's parents have spoken
What Peggy suggest Hank was?
'My real parents might have called me _____, or Chris.'
Who did Hank think his real dad could have been?
What would he have called him?
'Hank, are you standing on the _____?'
What is Tillie's middle name?
What is Cotton's middle name?
What city was Hank born in?
What county is that city located in?
What state is that city located in?
Where did Cotton take Tillie?
'A place as romantic as it was _________.'
What did they do there?
'Next thing I know, we're trying to keep you from making your debut on ________.'
What was the name of the hospital?
How long did they stay after Hank was born?
Who does Cotton call after Hank leaves?
Who does Hank say he is no better than?
'Boy, you New Yorkers really are ____.'
Who has been telling people at school about where Hank is from?
'Did you meet _____ _____ and hang out in the Village?'
'I ain't gettin' in no damn ____ until I'm dead.'
What was in the box that Cotton dug up?
What did Dale put on Hank's truck?
What are the numbers and letters on Hank's license plate?
What is the DJ offering as a prize?
How much is it worth?
What is the answer to the question?
What color truck is the other man driving?
What color is his shirt?
What color is his tshirt?
'__ ____ to New York!'
'I can't even _____ like a Texan anymore, Peggy.'
Who suggests a vacation to New York?
'The only closure I need is of your _____, mister.'
'You and your romantic getaway to the big, ______ apple.'
What game did they see?
What was the name of the stadium?
What borough is the stadium located in?
What county is that borough located in?
What was the weather like?
What did Tillie want to drink?
'You're our ticket through the ______ ____.'
What dictator did Cotton try to kill?
What country is he from?
'You should have stayed in __________ on your unofficial visit.'
'Now they're gonna have to carry you out on a 7th inning _________.'
What was the dictator smoking?
Who did Topsy hit with the dart?
How many cops followed them?
What room as Hank born in?
What time did Cotton and his friends plan on meeting Jorge Lopez?
What is half of his background?
What is the other half of his background?
What city do they plan on meeting in?
What county is that city located in?
What brand of car do they drive?
What did one of the guys hit?
'No! No more lies, I loved that _____!'
Where did they go first?
What type of gun did Hank use?
What did Cotton use to handle the gun?
Where did he place it?
Where did they go next?
What did Hank use to pay for the weapons?
What did Cotton tell Hank Lopez was?
'That's a lot of knives, and flares, and _____ for, uh, what exactly?'
'You come into Lopez's dressed like a ________, you get half off.'
'Good luck finding that in _________.'
What was Hank drinking?
Who would Hank like to tell to kiss off?
What historical site did they visit?
'No, but I'll let you hold today's _________ and Topsy's gun.'
How does Lopez get there?
What term does Cotton use describe his tardiness?
What did Hank think the rope was?
'I became a Texan when I ate the ____.'
Who threw Hank over the fence?
Who does Hank use to cut the rope?
Whose clothes does he take?
'Why am I wearing the __?'
'Thanks for the ____, I don't normally hitchhike.'
What city did they go to afterwards?
What county is that city located in?
How did Hank get there?
'Rained for 17 days straight at ___________. Didn't hear you complain then.'
Little ____ New York
Old ___ Breath
'Who's got ______?'
'Don't _____ him! Jump in and save him!'
What did Hank remove from the boat?
'If I don't watch my weight they're gonna cut off my ____.'
'And it's ______ day at the rec center.'
What did Cotton plan to swim with?
'Change ______ in Dallas, you're a Texan.'

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