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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode The Passion of the Dauterive?

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What year did this episode come out?
Who is on the infomercial?
Where is bill sleeping?
What part of Bill's house falls through?
Where did the debris fall?
'I always pictured you sleeping in a pile of shredded _________ like a hamster.'
How long ago did Hank tell Bill he needed to get his roof inspected?
What did Hank say he would use for Bill's home maintenance organizer?
Who bounced on Bill's bed?
'Maybe Bill's purpose in life should be to _________ the bulletin. Apparently spellcheck is a sin.'
What body part did Hank not want to touch with Bill?
How many pancakes were at the church breakfast?
What did Karen drink afterwards?
'I've been waiting 4 years for a _________ and my head's about to explode!'
What was Bill reading in the alley?
What is the first country Bill mentioned?
What is the second country Bill mentioned?
What is the third country Bill mentioned?
'Well, that's a _____ way to put it. But I'm glad you came to your senses.'
Where did Bill sit?
What page was the reading on?
What rating did Hank use?
What did Hank say when he realzied Karen was talking about Bill?
'Sorry, I ______ my bible.'
What word did Hank use to describe Bill's relationship?
'I'm not just a person of God. I'm a _____ too.'
Where did she used to be a minister?
What county is that city located in?
What state is that city located in?
'I gotta go mow, or water, or _________.'
Who did Bill say he was talking to when his phone rang?
Where did Bobby say he thought he saw Bill?
'I'm sure it was someone else. Mr. Dauterive has a very ______ _____.'
Who did Billy say he was with?
What words did Bill use to his relationship?
Where did they eat dinner?
What did they use Hank as?
What else was the Gypsy lady selling?
What was the Gypsy lady selling?
Where did Karen want to take Bill?
'If Bill and I want our relationship to work we have to keep it a secret or ____! It's Saint Paul all over again.'
What was Bobby trying to take?
What did Peggy hope the annoucement was?
What did she want to get rid of?
What did Bill say when Karen mentioned that they were dating?
'This is a ________ of biblical proportions.'
What was everyone in the alley drinking?
What excuse did Boomhauer use to leave the alley?
What did Bill have on his lip?
Who is ticklish?
What did Hank say was low?
What was the name of the movie theater?
What was playing?
What else was playing?
What did Bill want to share with Karen?
What was the name of the man they ran into?
What was the name of the woman they ran into?
What type of movie were they going to see?
What were Bill and Karen doing during the movie?
'Thanks for asking me to join the ________ committee.'
What pretenses did they use to get Hank there?
'They just hate ____ love.'
What punishment did Dale think of?
What other punishment did Dale think of?
'This is unacceptable! They can't fire you for love. That's ______________.'
How did Karen leave her job?
When would she move in with Bill?
What did Karen want to put on Bill's shelf?
Who did Bill compare their relationship to?
Who suggested that Bill get Karen to break up with him?
What type of potatoes did they have?
How did Karen describe them?
'If I wanna hang out in the alley and drink beer and talk about the _____, then I'm gonna do it!'
What were Peggy and Bobby washing?
Where did they break up?

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