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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode The Minh Who Knew Too Much?

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What year did this episode come out?
What country club do Kahn and Minh try to get in?
How does Minh explain why Dale thought she hated him?
What was Dale using to get around?
What was he sitting in?
What was he using to move it?
What magazine were Kahn and Minh reading?
What did Dale crash into?
How many strikes does the country club allow?
What song did Lucky play on his truck engine?
What does Hank not drink?
What else does Hank not drink?
How did Hank feel that somebody went through his garbage?
What was in the trash?
What does Hank not live on the same block as?
What is encouraged or in most cases required?
What is the name of the competition?
What is the name of the rival country club?
What sport does Minh compete in?
How many gun ranges were closed to make room for condos?
What gun does Minh bring in her purse?
What game were the guys playing in the alley?
What club did Minh join?
What gun did Minh shoot back in the day?
Name a member of the club Minh joined.
Name a member of the club Minh joined.
Name a member of the club Minh joined.
How did Minh describe the rednecks?
What was Minh's code name?
What did Kahn tell Minh to eat?
What is the secret password?
How did Dale describe Minh?
What game did Minh beat Dale at?
What did Hank put on his garbage can?
What role was Minh elected?
Who stepped down so that Minh could fulfill that role?
What was Kahn asked to take a refresher course?
What did Minh swear her oath on?
What was in the empty jelly jar?
What did the country club take over so they could expand?
What fish were the country club's pond?
What did Dale compare the pool to?
What do they have underwater?
What did Dale say when the security guard when questioned him?
What reptile did Dale see in the country club?
What did Ted say when Minh mentioned her role in the club?
What does Minh say so that her friends are not kicked out?
What privileges will be under review?
What team won the competition?
How many fingernails did the culprit have?
What did Luanne think was going on when she saw the trash spread out in the house?
What item did Lucky find in the garbage?
Who was putting trash in Hank's can?
Why was he doing it?
What was his justification?
What was the first food item in the garbage?
What was the second food item in the garbage?
What year was the Pinot?
What did Minh teach the club?
How did Minh explain the conversation on her phone?

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