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Can you name the details from the King of the Hill episode Mutual of Omabwah?

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What year did this episode come out?
What is this episode a parody of?
What county is that city located in?
What state is that county located in?
What does Dale have around his face?
'Don't _____ me!'
'Some guy hired me to clear them of out his _____.'
'The clones are coming master Joseph. We must reach ____ counsel.'
What movie inspired their escapades?
'Use the Force to ____ under the door.'
What did Bobby break?
What was bent?
What did Bobby suggest Hank back into with the car?
'Insurance is a ______ ___ woven from the trust between the policy holder and the guarantor.'
Where did Peggy and Luanne plan on going?
What restuarant did Peggy plan to stop at?
What exit was it off of?
'I've struck gold. _____, sticky gold.'
What did Bobby suggest?
What else did Bobby suggest?
'I thought we'd have a talk about ______________.'
'The claim settlement won't just come down the ______ like Santa Claus.'
Who did Hank want Bobby to call at the insurance company?
Where did Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer go?
'These people pay $5 for a carton of ______ mushrooms.'
How much did Dale charge for his honey?
What movie does Dale mention?
What other movie does dale mention?
What TV does one of the women mention?
How many bee stings does Dale offer them?
How does the woman pay for them?
What did the vendor give Bill and Boomhauer?
'The _______ must never find out.'
What does the policy not cover?
What else does the policy not cover?
What else does the policy not cover?
What was the call monitored for?
What name did Bobby use when calling?
What is the name of the insurance company?
What is the policy number?
Where did the operator say Mitch was?
Why was the policy cancelled?
What city is the call center located in?
What state is that city located in?
What country is that state located in?
What is this business practice called
'I'm gonna kick this guy's ass over the _____.'
How much was the check?
'I'm sorry, could you ______ that?'
What animal did Bobby want to ride?
'Nothing good happens when a homeowner ______.'
How many hours did they until they would be covered?
What amusement park did Bobby want to go to?
What did Hank inspect first?
What did Hank want Bobby to test?
What did Bobby want to make?
Where were Peggy and Luanne stuck?
Who decided to talk in weird voices?
What was the name of the store where Dale was selling bee venom in the parking lot?
What drug did he compare it to?
'It cures everything from __________ to ADD.'
Where did Hank buy the smoke detectors?
How many years had Hank been paying for the house?
What term did Bobby use to describe the donated clothes?
How many years ago did Texas have a major earthquake?
'It's so much better ______ at home.'
What did they fry after they the bananas?
'Unless you want to hunt a squirrel, I guess we are eating at the _______ _______.'
What denomination does the machine accept?
What other denomination does the machine accept?
What other denomination does the machine accept?
What bills did Peggy bring with her?
Who is on that bill?
Based on her lack of small bills, it is safe to assume that Peggy does not engage in what online activity?
'I only have _______.'
How many pounds of bees did Dale buy?
What did Hank take from the delivery man?
'Don't even open the ____. It's our last line of defense.'
What did the mat say?
'If everybody fried their food, there would be no ___.'
_____ _____ chicken
What did Dale trip on?
What did he injure?
How many hours had Luanne and Peggy been stuck?
What did they use as a battering ram?
What did Peggy shout?
'A cold beer is going to taste so good with this scalding hot ____.'
What did Bill drop in the fryer?
'How's your ________? I could use a Coke.'
What beverage did Luanne get?
'Sorry Mr. Gribble, you're a potential ________ hazard!.'
What day did Bobby tell him to come back?
What number did Hank call?
'It's just a little ____, and more bees than I remember.'
Where did Hank tell Dale to?
What did Hank use to put out the fire?
What did Bill get stuck on his shoe?
What did Hank tell Bill to do?
'Just flaming ________, Bobby? Why don't we put those out?'
What is Dale allergic to?
What else is Dale allergic to?
Where did Hank take Dale?
What did Dale think his finger was?
'How would you like to help adjust the __________ on our umbrella policy?'
'No officer, the vending machine was on its ____ when we found it!'

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