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Can you name the details about the King of the Hill episode Master of Puppets?

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When year did this episode come out?
What show inspires Dale's escapades?
What is the name of the show that is being parodied?
What is the name of the board game that Bobby wanted to play?
What is the name of the game that is being parodied?
Where does Bobby hang out with Joseph and friends?
When did Hank and Peggy plan on picking up Bobby?
Where did Hank and Peggy have dinner?
What did Hank say when the breadsticks and salad were brought out?
What dessert did Hank get?
How long did that dessert take to prepare?
What city did Peggy mention in her anecdote?
What sport did Hank want to coach?
When did Bobby call Hank and Peggy?
Where was Bobby?
What did Bobby see prostitutes buying?
What did Peggy make Bobby for breakfast?
What did they read while eating breakfast?
What did Peggy pour over Bobby's breakfast?
What did Hank give Bobby?
What did Dale steal from Kahn and Minh?
What else did Peggy make for Bobby?
What does Bobby want to go to?
What did Bobby say he was offered last night?
What does Bobby want Hank to buy him?
Where did Hank go to buy the bike?
What was Peggy planning on buying Bobby?
What game piece did Hank choose?
Where is the concert?
What else did Dale steal?
According to Dale, what are the Arlen plains rich in?
What happens when Dale lights up?
What video game was Hank playing?
What song did they plan on banging heads?
What did Peggy think the band was called?
Who decides to continue Dale's escapades?

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